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  2. Anonymous asked: I just discovered your videos and website. I must say, that I am a BIG fan. I love the way you contrast these guys. A nazi tat guy fucking a black dude. HOT! I am an African American bottom and a Big fan of ERIC! I would love to lick his tat as well as that big monster between his legs. Joe, you have a fan for life!

    Thanks Man

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  3. Anonymous asked: How can someone apply to be in your interracial videos? You can get me at calisgt at yahoo

    Send us an email


    Include your face body and dick pics

    And contact number


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  4. meat-material asked: Where can I get the full archive of your videos in mp4 form because i had a subscription to your site but it didn't have the videos i wanted on there.

    on our siteĀ  they just arent there yet

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  5. Anonymous asked: Your e-mail (saab95se) is bouncing back.


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  8. Love this

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